EM 아동부


1.Intro/summary of the ministry

EM Children’s Ministry is a Christ-centered ministry committed to raising a generation of young believers that are transformed by the saving grace of God. And through the transformation of the children, it is our desire to witness the transformation of their families as well as their communities.


2.Age range: Grade 1-6


3.Info on teachers

  • 공용훈 부장님
  • Gr. 1 & 2: Tae Ahn, Daniel Park
  • Gr. 3 & 4: Naomi Moon, Sarah Hong
  • Gr. 5 & 6 boys: Kevin Roe, Eddie Kim
  • Gr. 5 & 6 girls: Solah Kim

4.Service time
Sunday Service: 12:00pm

김수진 (Jenny Kim) 간사 778) 867-4998